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  • Desig. Teatre Nacional de Catalunya TNC

TNC. Season 2021-2022Theatre and shows
09/2021 - 07/2022

The curtain goes up again at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya with all the health and safety measures in place. With the new season at the TNC you'll be able to enjoy plays in a new format, such as Ils nous ont oublié, and great classics, including Josep Maria Benet i Jornet's Desig and Caterina Albert's (Víctor Català) Infanticida.

This season, in addition to the usual plays with audio description and subtitles in Catalan, the TNC offers plays subtitled in English and also a Touch Tour for those with visual impairments.

Upcoming Events:

Europa bull – From June 30th to July 17th
Opening night – July, from 14th. to 16th.

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