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  • Picasso Blue Period A scientific study

    Picasso Blue Period A scientific study

    Exhibition finished

    The Museu Picasso is presenting an exhibition of technical studies of Picasso's work during his Blue Period. Through predominantly visual exhibition material along with technological support and outreach techniques, this exhibition allows us to examine various aspects of Picasso's work, from the creative process to the materials he used, including the way he distributed the layers of color and the temporal contextualization of the pieces. This exhibition is curated by Reyes Jiménez, head of the museum's Preventive Conservation and Restoration Service.

  • Barthélemy Toguo Museu Picasso de Barcelona

    Barthélemy Toguo Museu Picasso de Barcelona

    The Cameroonian artist Barthélemy Toguo shares with Picasso the idea that an artist does not make works to decorate walls but rather as a representation of political consciousness. Now, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is presenting a broad exhibition of his work, where many of his pieces deal with themes as intrinsic to his origins as migration and exile. Toguo has been nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize and has been featured in major exhibitions in the most important museums around the world.

  • La Ribera

    La Ribera

    La Ribera neighbourhood is a must for anyone taking a walk through Barcelona. Whether you get there from the Via Laietana or the Arc de Triomf, as you explore the maze of narrow streets in this neighbourhood where merchants, artisans and guilds once, you’ll discover the city of design, leisure and fashion.

  • Museums


    Art, culture, science and entertainment come together in Barcelona's museums.

  • Carrer Montcada

    Carrer Montcada

    Barcelona's Carrer Montcada is lined with a succession of medieval, Renaissance and baroque palazzos, their majestic doorways opening to reveal their beautiful courtyards of venerable stone. They bear witness to the rich and glorious past of medieval Barcelona's main street which was home to the city's nobles.

  • Wall and gate of the Roman city of Barcino Friezes around the front of the Collegi d'Arquitectes Plaça Nova

    Wall and gate of the Roman city of Barcino Friezes around the front of the Collegi d'Arquitectes Plaça Nova

    A visit to the Plaça Nova brings you face to face with the monumental gateway in the wall of the Roman city of Barcelona, but you'll also discover art, dotted here and there, such as Picasso's friezes along the front of the Col·legi d'Arquitectes.

  • Casa Martí Els 4 gats

    Casa Martí Els 4 gats

    Nestling in a quiet side street of Barcelona, the café-restaurant, "Els quatre gats", is located on the ground floor of the Casa Martí. The building, with its medieval-style exterior, invites us to step into its cosy interior which was the meeting place for the intellectuals of modernist Barcelona, at the end of the 19th century.

  • Four days in Barcelona

    Four days in Barcelona

    You can get a lot out of four days in Barcelona if you plan your visit carefully. Here are some suggestions which include the city’s main landmarks and even invite you to discover some of the areas outside Barcelona, so that you can really make the most of your trip.

  • Ciutat Vella

    Ciutat Vella

    Let yourself be transported back to other eras in the heart of Barcelona.

  • Museums with the family

    Museums with the family

    Barcelona's museums offer endless activities that make culture child's play.

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