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Barcelona's Cemeteries RouteGuided walking tours

The Cemetery Route is an activity that reminds us that Barcelona is not just a city, but many cities, a journey into the past and the present in which we find historical, popular and adventure characters, wealth, poverty, love and death.

Poblenou Cemetery Route
The Poblenou Cemetery Route is a journey to nineteenth-century Barcelona through the different pantheons and the characters of the most interesting, historical and cultural burials. A brief but fantastic and evocative reconstruction of a hundred years of history through 30 tombs, most of them, in neoclassical style.

Montjuïc Cemetery Route
The Montjuïc Cemetery Route is focused chronologically between the years 1883 and 1936. The route includes 37 graves and is conceived as a sample of the rich heritage of the cemetery. It combines graves of artistic interest with graves of historical interest, all of them included in the two main routes.

Route of the Fossar de la Pedrera of the Montjuïc Cemetery
The Ruta del Fossar is a memorial space with the mortal remains of the victims of Franco's repression and bombing, as well as a good number of people who were shot dead in Barcelona during the post-war period. It was reopened in 1985 as an architectural ensemble of great historical interest, where, among other monuments, are the tomb of President Lluís Companys.

Poblenou Cemetery Route: 1st (Catalan) and 3rd (Spanish) Sunday of the month, at 10:30am.
Montjuïc Cemetery Route: 2nd (Catalan) and 4th (Spanish) Sunday of the month, at 11:15am.
Ruta del Fossar de la Pedrera: One Sunday every month (to confirm on its website), at 11am.

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